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Funding Assistance Available

Funding Assistance is available for eligible particpants for approved trainings.

 Funding Awards are contingent on the continued availability of the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds, and are not guaranteed.

Contact Kara Klawson (845) 249-4634 KKlawson@dutchessonestop.org to schedule your first appointment

  • To be eligible for Funding Assistance:
    • Must be an active registered participant 
    • If  NOT registered at the One Stop, you must schedule an appointment for  registration/update  (you can call the Dutchess One Stop Career Center  (845) 249-4634 )
    • If currently employed, you must be making LESS than $25.00 per hour to be eligible(will need to provide a paystub)
    • MUST be willing and able to work FULL time in order to be eligible for Funding Assistance
    • WIOA funds cannot be used for courses that have already been started/attended
    • If the training you seek accepts Financial Aid such as FASFA and/or TAP you MUST apply for Financial Aid prior to receiving WIOA funds for training
  • Funding assistance may be up to $5000.00 per customer (Funding assistance and/or amount of funding not guaranteed)
  • Training Providers and Course/Program must be on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). You can access that list on the Department of Labor website  https://applications.labor.ny.gov/ETPL/Search.faces
  • Training must be for an occupation "in demand" for the region. You can access that list on the Department of Labor website  https://labor.ny.gov/workforcenypartners/lwda/lwda-occs.shtm
  • Training time cannot be  more than 2 years in length
  • Customer must meet all criteria / requirements of the school. You will need to submit an "acceptance letter" from the school. This letter must be on school letter head that includes details of course, breakdown of all costs associated with the training, whether or not the course/program accepts Financial Aid (FASFA/TAP).

You will need to submit funding assistance application along with the below documents. Applications must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to start of training for processing.

  • An updated resume
  • Most current paystub ( if currently employed)
  • An acceptance letter from school /training provider
  • Proof of financial aid denial or acceptance ( if applicable)
  • Official DMV Drivers Abstract (for CDL training)